The Ultimate Wedding Cake Checklist

Sep 10, 2018

Welcome to the Ultimate Wedding Cake Checklist… Whatever stage you’re at with planning your wedding, I’d recommend you start having a think about your wedding cake. As with every part of your wedding, there are lots of things to think about and questions to ask…   The thing is, you’re not expected to know the answers to these questions because, chances are, you have never done this before. Leave it in the capable hands of your suppliers to answer these questions for you.   As modern cake designer based in London, I’ve come up with a checklist of some important things to think about for your cake that are often overlooked or left until the last minute!  
A Cake maker
Yes, obviously you need a cake maker. But what I mean is, I strongly recommend that you don’t make the cake yourself. I made our wedding cake myself, and it turned out great, but what I don’t recommend is flapping over your wedding cake the day before your wedding with hundreds of relatives to see, when you should actually be having some down time. Not to mention having to deliver the cake yourself! I think it’s far better to leave this part in the hands of someone who knows what their doing while you sit back and enjoy some friends, family and prosecco time.
A cake designer who ‘gets’ you
Yes, a cake maker and a cake designer are the same (sort of). I call myself a cake designer, not to be all fancy, but because I do actually design all the cakes I make. All my couples get a computer generated sketch of their cake design which I tweak until they’re completely happy with it. Cake designers will have a specific style like any designer. Some will specialise in buttercream cakes, some in traditional cakes. I specialise in modern cakes for Urban weddings and events. It’s best to choose your cake designer based in their portfolio of work for previous clients, meet them and make sure they ‘get you’ and the style your going for.
Portion size
One important thing that will affect the size and ultimately the cost of your wedding cake is the number of guests you’re having. It’s difficult for a cake maker to give you a quote just from a photo of a cake you like without knowing how many people it needs to serve. It’s also worth considering if you could serve your wedding cake as your dessert, rather than having a three course meal with dessert and then cake, when everyone is already stuffed and falling asleep under the table (Yes, I am talking from personal experience!) If youre serving it as a dessert, your cake maker will know to provide a larger cake with dessert portions rather than smaller after dinner portions.
Drip cakes and portions of cake

Portion control… Will your cake be served as a dessert or later with cocktails?

Cake display
This is an important one for me. And one I often rant about! How often does your wedding cake get shoved in the corner of a room in front of an unsightly fire extinguisher and lots of ugly sound equipment? VERY OFTEN! If you’re going on a site visit to your venue before the big day, you can choose where the cake goes. I recommend having the most expensive cake you’ll ever buy in a spot with a nice backdrop where it has pride of place. (Rant over)
Wedding cake taster box

This book-themed wedding cake perfectly fits in to his surroundings in a Library with books used as a stand.

Cake Stand
Traditional cake stands are great and provided by most venues, but what if I told you there are so many alternatives out there? A modern wedding cake takes to a modern cake stand much more than just putting it on whatever is provided. I’d think about getting a stand that perfectly compliments your cake. Most cake makers will lend them out or sell them to you as part of your cake deal.
Concrete and white chocolate wedding cake on copper geometric cake stand

This geometric copper cake stand is a great modern alternative for your urban modern wedding cake

Most wedding cake makers will deliver and set up your cake at venue, but some don’t. Just make sure this service is included in your costing. I wouldn’t recommend getting Uncle Phil to come and get it on the wedding morning to save on delivery costs either, as delivering a wedding cake can be quite stressful if you’ve never done it before!
Cake knife
This is something that can be completely over looked. If your cake maker assumes your venue provides one and your venue assumes your caterer will bring one, then there is a chance you’ll end up cake knife-less. (This is a thing!) Your cake maker should ask you about this and check with your venue and caterer about who will be providing your knife to make sure you don’t have to use Aunt Sally’s dinner knife for your cake cutting moment.
To topper or not to topper… That is the question?! Cake topers can spell tacky nightmare to me and many people. Cake toppers can actually be really classy and personalized modern things too. I wouldn’t recommend getting a super edgy modern wedding cake with a tacky couple topper. Some cakes don’t need a topper all. Less is more? But if ‘more is more’ is your thing then go for it. Check out our partner supplier Capola designs for some inspo for gorgeous personalized text toppers.
Modern geometric wedding cake trio with modern cake topper

This modern wedding cake trio featured a modern topper to echo the wedding stationery. Topper by Capola Designs

Take away
It can happen… The cake doesn’t get finished. Make sure to ask your cake maker to leave behind a couple of boxes for you or your relatives to take home some cake with them at the end of the night. You could request to take home the top tier yourselves as you might not get a look in on the cake on the day, as you’ll be too busy nattering and drinking Jagerbombs with your new Mother-in-law to try any. (Also personal experience)   I hope this little checklist I’ve made (all from personal experience) has helped you on your way to getting your dream wedding cake. If you’d like to learn more about the cakes I make you can pop on over to the website or my instagram feed and check out what I’ve been up to

About the writer and cake enthusiast…

Hi! I’m Katie and I have been fully cake obsessed since, forever…

Malarkey Cakes is built on a mixture of all my passions. My work is inspired by my background in art and design and I’m honoured to make wedding cakes for couples in love in London and the South East.

I’m passionate about blogging to share my knowledge and give guidance on the ins and out of ordering a wedding cake, making the most of it and making sure it gets the attention it deserves. I also share my tips on wedding planning and team up with fellow suppliers I am lucky enough to work with and who I highly recommend.

When I’m not designing, making or eating cake, you’ll find me trying out new food in London’s amazing restaurants, drinking great coffee, taking in stunning architecture, on long walks, smashing a decent weights workout or exploring the world.

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