Top Ten Tips To Getting your wedding plans started

Aug 5, 2020

This week’s Supplier Love blog post is one with a difference. I’ve teamed up with the most organised person I know. Wedding Planner and friend, Mary Briscoe from Weddings By Mary. She’s taking over to give you her top ten tips to getting your wedding plans started.

Many congratulations on your engagement! Now let the fun really begin.

But where to begin?

Planning your wedding will certainly be a joyful time for you both. Be prepared for a rollercoaster ride of emotions. It can become quite stressful. With so much to organise and plan to create your perfect dream wedding.

Mary is a down to earth, friendly, and experienced wedding planner who recognises that many couples wish to enjoy planning their own wedding as much as the wedding day itself.

 However, Mary also appreciates that combined with your no doubt already hectic work schedule and social life adding planning your wedding into the mix may seem a little daunting.

With many years of experience behind her Mary offers couples the additional support, knowledge, and guidance they desire. Ensuring that they not only feel in control of their wedding plans but also without any additional pressure.

Here are Mary’s Top Ten Wedding Planning tips to set you on the right path:

The Engagement

First and foremost, it is important to take the time to enjoy this special moment. Celebrate with family. Celebrate with friends but most of all celebrate together.  Many couples once engaged rush headfirst into Wedding Planning mode, without savouring this special time.

Wedding Budget

Once the dust has settled, and the world & his wife now know that you are getting married it’s time to start planning your wedding day. The most important thing to do first and foremost though is to set your wedding budget. Mary knows that most people don’t like talking about money. It’s not romantic or sexy however it is the most important thing for you to do and this essential conversation must be had.

Once you have established your budget your wedding planning will become a whole lot easier to organise.

Weddings by Mary wedding set up
The Legal Bit

Many couples are already quite clear, even before they are engaged, whether they wish to have a traditional church wedding or civil ceremony. However, do take the time to discuss this properly to ensure that you are both ‘singing from the same hymn sheet’ on this one.

If choosing a civil ceremony, you will need to speak to your local registry office for guidance. For a church service ensure that you discuss wholly with the priest or minister what exactly is required of you. The level of commitment they expect from you leading up to the wedding and beyond.

Venue Searching

Where are you planning to host your wedding? Are you dreaming of an elegant marquee reception or perhaps choosing a vibrant modern London wedding venue? Whatever you desire, discuss together what you both really envisage for your big day. Explore the internet to give you a taster of what is available. There are so many choices but the clearer idea you have of location, type of venue as well as a rough idea of guest numbers will help to filter it further until you find your perfect wedding venue.

Weddings by Mary signing the register
When is the big day?

‘When’s the big day then?’ This question will be asked of you the moment that beautiful diamond engagement ring is placed on your finger. You will most likely need to consider many factors. Perhaps family commitments already in place. University or school holidays. Guests travelling from overseas or even to coincide with the best time of year to head off to your dream honeymoon destination.  You may prefer a winter wedding over a summer reception. Lots to consider so if you are asked this question, keep them guessing just a little bit longer.


Decide what is important to you, not only as a couple but also as individuals.  Everyone’s priorities will be different. Set yours from the start. It may be offering your guests the most mouth-watering unforgettable food and endless flowing champagne. Or maybe you have your heart set on an awesome floor-filling band. Or perhaps it to have totally jaw dropping florals. Or maybe a high-end wedding photographer to capture every single special moment.

What is your wedding vision?

If you could choose three words to describe your wedding what would they be? Knowing your wedding style and vision if another important factor. How you want your wedding day to feel and look for you and your guests provides you with the ability to think more rationally rather than impulse buy. You will know what will fit in with overall vision you have for your wedding day. It might be that you are looking to have an ‘elegant classic countryside’ wedding or your or you could be looking at something a little more ‘urban chic’.


There will suddenly be an extremely long list of jobs and tasks to be undertaken. Why not purchase a reasonable sized notebook to help keep all your wedding planning on track? Initially start by writing everything down that you think of that needs to be done for the wedding or what you would like. Next break this down into workable pieces and give each one a timeframe in which you want it to be completed. Then tick them off once completed. Such as satisfying feeling. Each month you can clearly see what you need to achieve and really see your wedding coming to life.

There are real peaks and troughs to wedding planning, so enjoy the ride!

Weddings by Mary Wedding couple
Bridal Party

Discuss, together, your ideal bridal party. Take time to talk through who you think you would like to have as your Best Man, Bridesmaid, Ushers, Witnesses and so on.  However, keep this to yourselves just a little while longer. Why? Well, as the excitement of your engagement sinks in you will begin to think straighter. If you have however already told your best friends sister, whilst sipping on a celebratory glass of bubbly that of course she can be a bridesmaid as well, it may cause more than a little upset when in the cold light of day you had absolutely no intention of asking her.

We can all get caught up in the euphoria of the moment, and why shouldn’t you? However, you do not want to start your wedding planning journey off on the wrong foot. Remain as tight lipped as possible until you have both had the time to think clearly about who will make up your perfect bridal party. You can the organise a truly special moment when you ask them that all important question.

Trusted Wedding professionals

Finding the right wedding suppliers for your wedding day is essential. Depending on your choice of wedding venue, you may or may not have free rein on the wedding suppliers your use. It is especially important to bear this in mind when settling on your perfect venue. You will need to ensure that you are happy with their recommended supplier list if there is one.

 Marquee weddings on private land, on the other hand, do give you complete carte blanche to choose any wedding professional you wish. Do listen to recommendations given by family & friends but bear in mind that what worked for another couples wedding may not be right for yours. The final decision on any wedding professional should wholeheartedly be yours.

Weddings by Mary

You may have noticed a theme running through all my Mary’s tips.

And that is communication!

Talk to each other. Do not let any concerns or issues worry you and fester. Talk them through. You are embarking together on an immensely important, new, and exciting chapter in your lives. Communication is essential to keeping your wedding planning on track. If you want to enjoy the planning as much as the day itself, then keep up the conversation.

Think of your wedding planning as one giant jigsaw puzzle, with each element a single piece that you need to source. When all these right pieces come together you will have created the most perfect beautiful bespoke wedding day.

A wedding planner acts as the conductor, orchestrating everything seamlessly for you.

You can find out more about Mary and her wedding planning services on her website here or follow her on Facebook and Instagram to find out the latest wedding planning tips, guidance and inspiration she has to offer.

And if you’re looking to get started with your wedding cake planning, then take a look at my wedding cake gallery here or get in touch!

K x

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