Top 5 Wedding cake flavours

Feb 26, 2020

Have you been to a wedding recently? What flavour was the wedding cake? Gone are the days of heavy fruit cake or even just plain sponge. Taken from the wedding cakes I have made over the last four years in which time my flavour menu has grown and evolved, these are the top 5 wedding cake flavours. They come through as favourites every time…

Lemon and Blueberry

Any couples who try my lemon and blueberry cake at their cake tasting and design session choose it as one of their wedding cake flavours and most of them as their main flavour. Lemon cake is that perfectly light option to choose as an alternative to something super sweet. It’s a popular choice for a summer wedding and with the addition of real blueberries it becomes a super moist sponge that’s completely irresistible. That’s why it’s come in as the leader in the top wedding cake flavours. Just one more wafer thin slice?

Raspberry Ripple

Based on the classic ice cream flavour (my personal favourite) my raspberry ripple cake is not just a hit with the taste buds but looks pretty too. I use freeze dried raspberries to colour and flavour the cake creating a pink marbled effect that’s perfect as the ceremonial cutting tier to wow your guests. Slices of raspberry ripple cake served on platters look so pretty and provide an extra fruity alternative to the more traditional Victoria sponge.

Doce de Leite

That’s dulce de leche or caramel (sort of). Doce de leite is the Portuguese spelling and this flavour is an ode to my husband Daniel, from Brazil, who tells me tales of eating the stuff on a spoon when he was a child (and I can tell you, a lot more recently than that). Doce de leite is made by reducing condensed milk down to a caramel and rather than the more common salted caramel, there is no salt in sight here. Potential clients who taste this cake have told me they were won over by being pleasantly surprised that it wasn’t as sickly and sweet as they expected, bringing this light sponge cake filled with doce de leite itself firmly into the top three.

Sticky Toffee Pudding

Who doesn’t love sticky toffee pudding though? Really, who doesn’t?! My sticky toffee pudding cake is one of the flavours I personally cannot resist. It’s not as dense as you might imagine and is extra super moist with the addition of dates in the sponge. I pair this dessert-themed cake flavour with a simple vanilla buttercream to echo the custard you’d pour on it in a restaurant and add a thin layer of caramel to the filling too. Yum.

Rum and Ginger

We had to have a boozy one. And on request I can make it more or less boozy. I use stem ginger in this sponge also flavoured with vanilla, which keeps it super moist and tangy. I use Caribbean spiced rum in a syrup which is added to the cake just after it has left the oven which keeps it extra moist and adds the boozy flavour to it. Paired with a light vanilla buttercream that doesn’t take away from the flavours in the sponge, this one is a winner that’s sure to keep those guests happy.

Thanks for reading about my top 5 wedding cake flavours. What flavours would you choose as your top three? Apart from this list of hit cakes, I have a complete cake menu with more flavours to choose from. If you’d like to know more about my cake flavours and wedding cake tasting and design sessions as well as information on ingredients and allergens, get in touch.

K xx


About the writer and cake enthusiast…

Hi! I’m Katie and I have been fully cake obsessed since, forever…

Malarkey Cakes is built on a mixture of all my passions. My work is inspired by my background in art and design and I’m honoured to make wedding cakes for couples in love in London and the South East.

I’m passionate about blogging to share my knowledge and give guidance on the ins and out of ordering a wedding cake, making the most of it and making sure it gets the attention it deserves. I also share my tips on wedding planning and team up with fellow suppliers I am lucky enough to work with and who I highly recommend.

When I’m not designing, making or eating cake, you’ll find me trying out new food in London’s amazing restaurants, drinking great coffee, taking in stunning architecture, on long walks, smashing a decent weights workout or exploring the world.

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