Texture Inspiration for Wedding Cakes

Jul 31, 2019

Texture inspiration for wedding cakes comes to me from modern interiors and architecture. The process of turning a cake inspired by a texture into a modern masterpiece is a journey. It can be tricky knowing how textures will look on a cake as there is a lot of trail and error involved and sometimes the best effects are achieved by chance. But the end result works and translates into the perfect modern wedding cake.

Here’s a look at some texture inspiration for my wedding cakes and how it translates into cake design:

Texture Inspiration for Wedding Cakes: Terrazzo

Traditionally, terrazzo texture is a type of flooring and features a variety of different geometric shapes and colours. The effect has grown in popularity recently with it popping up in modern and chic interiors as a contemporary surface finish. When it’s applied to cakes it can be paired with other plain or textured tiers to balance it out.
Taster session cakes

My original design Terrazzo Cake

Taster session cakes

Inspiration image courtesy of Coveted Magazine

The ‘Distressed’ Look

Out of context, to say that you’d like a cake based on a distressed wall probably sounds a strange choice. But something about a distressed wall really inspires me. On a visit to Cuba, I was in awe of the state of the buildings these, how people still lived in them, and the stories that the layers of paintwork told. Translated to a cake, the layering effect I achieved here by applying different types of icing and chocolate leaving an unfinished look.
Cake tasting session cake flavours on marble plate

My roughly finished, mixed media ‘distressed look’ cake

Cake tasting session cake flavours on marble plate

A wall with a history… I was so inspired by the walls of the buildings in Havana

Modern Marble

Marble has appeared in architecture and design for decades going back to ancient times. This texture is on trend in interiors, with furniture and on stationery alike. It is also a great texture that translates very well onto cakes and paired with metallics along with other textures, it looks simply stunning.
Cake tasting session cake flavours on marble plate

My towering, Modern Marble wedding cake

Cake tasting session cake flavours on marble plate

Marble wall and interior inspiration courtesy of Pretend Magazine

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