Supplier Love Series: Sophie Lake Photography

Apr 24, 2020

This edition of my supplier love blog series sees a super relaxed wedding photographer based in East London. Sophie takes photos for awesome, modern couples in love!

As you’ll be able to see for yourself from her stunning, bright, unique and fun images, a wedding day spent with Sophie as your photographer will be a day captured like no other.

Sophie tells us more about her love of food and adventure, her journey into wedding photography and why you should create your own traditions for your wedding day to create something that’s completely ‘you’.

All image credits Sophie Lake Photography

Tell me about you! What’s your background, an unusual fact about you & your journey into the wedding industry?

My name is Sophie Lake and I’m a freelance photographer based in East London. I photograph people, food and streets and of course weddings, which is all 3 of those genres combined really!

I studied photography at University and my first and only job before going freelance was at a Fine Art Photography Studio and we photographed sculptures, paintings, jewellery and gallery installations for publications. I worked there for 2 years as an assistant learning the ropes before being promoted to Studio photographer. I really never thought I wanted to be a wedding photographer as I thought the whole thing looked a bit stuffy, traditional and rigid for me, I wanted to be more creative with my work but in 2015 I was asked by an old colleague of mine to photograph her wedding. I was a bit skeptical reminding her that I’d never done one before but she encouraged me telling me I’d be great. So I did it and I loved it! Wedding photography IS in fact very creative, it’s changed a lot within the last 5-8 years and the boundaries are being pushed all the time these days for what we can call ‘wedding photography’!

What do you love about working as a wedding photographer?

People always say to me ‘Oh my God, don’t you get so stressed shooting a wedding?’ and my answer is always no, not really! Weddings are always so much fun! Everyone there is always generally in a great mood and up for a good time so I always have fun especially as I always work with a second shooter so we get to chat, laugh and catch up throughout the day too! Also, every wedding is different and a chance to be creative and make new exciting images for my clients! I love that I’ve made so many new friends in the UK wedding community since I started shooting weddings 5 years ago too, everyone is so supportive of each other!

What’s different about the service you provide to other photographers?

Firstly I always get so excited about my client’s plans for their wedding days. They all have these incredible elaborate plans whether that’s amazing food ideas, a gorgeous venue with unique features, something completely non-traditional and new, which makes their day super personal and I get SO on board with all of them. That’s why it’s so upsetting to see how many weddings have had to be cancelled during this pandemic! Second to that I include a second shooter in my full day photography package which means you get two photographers for the price of one and my approach to wedding photography is super relaxed and natural!

What is your favourite part of the job & why?

My favourite part of the job by far is making new connections with people and even becoming friends with my clients! Second to that is the wedding day itself and getting paid to be creative and capture the wedding emotions and craziness unfold! 

What advice would you give to couples when planning their wedding?

Absolutely, definitely 100% make sure you get wedding insurance! If Corona Virus has taught us anything it has to be that anything CAN happen and you can never be sure that things will go to plan at all! Other than that, make sure to plan a day that you know you’re going to enjoy just as much as your guests – it’s all about you at the end of the day, so stop trying to just please your Mums or Grans and throw out any of the wedding traditions you really feel you don’t connect with or want to do and just have fun! Oh and book a professional photographer!

What’s your favourite food (if you can choose)?

PAASSTAAA!! and chocolate and biscuits!

What is your favourite cake flavour?

Oooh has to be chocolate OR your lemon and blueberry cake! YUM!

What do you do on a Saturday if you’re not photographing a wedding?

If I’m not shooting a wedding on a weekend I will try and make plans with my friends or family, have a self date and take myself somewhere new in London (this was a new goal of mine this year before Corona Virus hit!) or if it’s peak wedding season I will be editing!

What’s your most memorable adventure? Tell me all about it.

I went travelling for 4 months through Central America in 2017 and that’s probably my most memorable adventure full of lots of mini adventures! One does stand out to me most though – one evening whilst on the Southern coast of Mexico my boyfriend at the time and I had made friends with some people at the Hostel where we were staying and overheard that someone was offering a (probably illegal) evening boat trip to one of the local Lagunas. So, at around midnight we found ourselves in a mini van heading to God knows where. We arrived at the PITCH BLACK Laguna, after a few beers, and all climbed into a boat which drove straight out into the middle of the water and at some point I looked up and I couldn’t take my eyes off the sky. A blanket of thousands and thousands of stars. I don’t think I’d ever seen anything quite like it, so I was taken aback (I could have been seeing double the amount of stars that there actually was due to the beers I’d drunk but it was still very profound!) and so I reminded myself to remember that moment. Then we all jumped into the warm water and were told by our guide that the lagoon was filled with Bioluminescent plankton which glowed in the dark when you splashed and disturbed the water – it was a pretty magical night!

If you’re in love with Sophie’s wedding photos as much as I am, you can find out more about her over on her website Sophie Lake Photography, connect with her on instagram or get in touch with her here.

I’m so proud to be able to call this super talent my sister too. She’s also taken plenty of my stunning wedding cake photos.

K x

The face behind the lens: Sophie lake Photography

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