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Every wedding is unique, every couple’s story is individual, therefore every wedding cake I make is completely bespoke to you, and as such I don’t have a set price list (to do so would stifle the creativity and limit the options we have to play with for your epic piece of edible modern art!).

I know, however, that you might wrangling with spreadsheets and figuring out budgets for your wedding day, so I want to try and give you a realistic idea of how much a modern, art-inspired wedding cake can cost, so that you have something to work with.

Below you’ll find examples of past cake projects to give you an idea of what sort of investment to bear in mind for your contemporary edible centrepiece.

 Price Guide


Every wedding cake I make is as unique as you two. That means while no two cakes are ever the same, neither any two cake quotes. To guide you through the process of getting to know how much a wedding cake will cost below are some variations of my signature cake designs with ‘from’ prices to give you an idea of roughly what to expect.

Prices vary depending on number of portions, the design of the cake, decoration and amount of detail, finish and delivery and set up costs.

I have a minimum order amount of £950 plus delivery and set up for a three tier cake to give you an example.


The Origami Cake

The signature Malarkey Cakes design origami wedding cake is a modern twist on the traditional white wedding cake. Why have a traditional white wedding cake when you can add a modern spin with white 2D and 3D wafer paper shapes  and shards.

To give you an idea a four tier origami wedding cake costs from £1250 plus delivery and set up and serves around 140 guests. 

The Geometric Cake

These images show examples of the Malarkey Cakes classic geometric wedding cake. This cake is a hit because it’s so adaptable to all colour schemes, wedding themes and styling.

The designs above give an idea of different shapes and sizes that are possible with this cake design. A three tier version of the origami wedding cake typically starts from £1350 plus delivery and set up and serves around 120 guests.

The Modern Art Cake

The Malarkey cakes Modern Art wedding cake is the work of art you might have been looking for to work as the centrepiece for your wedding. I treat the cake as a canvas and mix a rough layering effect with the addition of an oversized wafer paper cake corsage.

The above images show the modern art wedding cake in a variety of sizes and with a differing number of tiers. A five tier version of The Modern Art wedding cake typically starts from £1350 plus delivery and set up and serves around 150 guests.

The Art Deco Cake

The Malarkey Cakes Art Deco Wedding Cake has a base tier that gives a nod to the art deco hotels it is inspired by. This blank canvas bottom tier then lends it self to an endless number of design possibilities and can be adapted to any different wedding style.

A three tier version of The Modern Art wedding cake typically starts from £1350 plus delivery and set up and serves around 120 guests.


& Set up


Your wedding cake is in safe hands with me. I  personally deliver and set up all the wedding cakes I make, leaving you able to relax in the lead up to your wedding.

I go above and beyond to make sure your wedding cake has pride of place and is showcased as the work of art it really is. I will also style your cake with extras such as stands as well as working together with fellow suppliers to offer balloon or floral arrangements and stationery set ups for your wedding cake set up.

I can deliver to venues all over the UK. The cost of delivery is calculated based on mileage as well as the estimated amount of time it will take to deliver and set up your cake at your venue. As every cake design is unique this cost can vary.

Example delivery and set up charges for three tier wedding cakes within London are typically around £80-100 while covering further afield in the South East range from around £150- £200. Please let me know when you get in touch if you’d like your wedding cake delivered to another area of the UK.

Investing in more than just a cake

Having a cake that has pride of place and works as part of the story you want to tell on your wedding day means it’s sure to be a memorable one. Creating a cake that’s unique to your day, you as a couple and inspired by your love story, heritage or the things that make you tick involves a lot more than just baking and decorating a cake. I invite all the couples I am lucky enough to work with to come on a cake design journey with me, from pooling your ideas together, tasting cake flavours and getting creative with ideas that push the boundaries of what’s possible in edible form.

What’s on the inside…

Let’s not forget that cake is made for eating. Your wedding cake can have two primary functions; serving as a work of art to greet your guests and get them talking, but it’s also best served as an accompaniment to your favourite signature cocktail, as a dessert course or a late night sweet treat to keep those energy levels up for pulling out those dance moves. Take a look at what’s on offer on the cake flavour menu.

Such a talent

Katie is such a talent! She designed and made the perfect cake for our wedding day to match the location and modern theme of our wedding. I was rather fussy and changed my mind on the design more than once but Katie was very professional and accommodating. Honestly however, she knows best and has great taste, trust her judgement! The cake tasted as great as it looked, we couldn’t have been happier with it.

On top of that, our wedding was postponed 3 times due to COVID and she accommodated us every time which we were very grateful for considering how tough it was for businesses in the wedding industry at the time.

We highly recommend Katie, especially if you want a delicious, modern looking wedding cake.

– Elise & Joe


Malarkey Cakes are special. Not only are the designs more art than decoration, but the flavours packed inside each tier are out of this world.

We were so glad to have Katie make our wedding cake, and it recieved so many comments and compliments.

– Phil & Ruth


Can not thank Katie enough for our incredible Wedding Cake. I had seen her designs on Instagram and instantly fallen in love with them however I thought that if they looked that good there wouldn’t be a focus on the taste – how wrong I was! I got to try a bite at a wedding fair, so tasty that it alone would have convinced me that this was the cake designer for us!

The cherry on top was meeting Katie, it really felt that she understood and was excited by our plans for the day and created the most stunning, bespoke cake I’ve ever seen. The only difficult part was narrowing down the flavours (they were all good!) but her expertise was really great ensuring we got a nice balance.

Finally the boring but I think important thing to note when you’re planning a wedding – the communication we received was great – everything was really clear, something invaluable when you have so many things to be dealing with.

– Lucy & Jez