Modern Wedding Cake Stands

Aug 16, 2019 | Wedding | 0 comments

What do I mean by modern wedding cake stands?

A lot of venues provide cake stands. But without wanting to offend, they can be old, look a bit dated and traditional and (speaking from past experience) they can be damaged or just too massive for most cakes that will serve an average of 100 people.

My unique, modern wedding cakes suit a more modern and unique wedding cake stand to show them off.

But what’s the need for a wedding cake stand?

Well, a cake, no matter how tall it is can always be taller! Also, a cake can tend to look better and more elegant as well as more ‘set up’ on a cake stand placed on a table, rather than just put straight on to a table.

Blue ombre creative wedding cake with white frill

The key here is also about giving a small cake some height in a large and tall room and making it more visible to guests. You could go for a two-tier cake to serve your number of guests, but then also opt for a modern cake stand to give a cake more height.

A modern cake stand can work as a plinth for your modern wedding cake; showing it off like a piece of artwork in a gallery. And this is what I aim for with my wedding cakes.

For me, setting up a wedding cake is such an important part of its overall presentation. It’s important to get so many things right. I always make sure my clients have a think about where their cake will be set up at their venue. It’s sometimes a detail that gets overlooked and things like fire extinguishers and air conditioners are, unfortunately regular features in the backdrops to so many wedding cake photos.

As part of your wedding cake set up, these types of modern wedding cake stands are ones you could consider for your wedding cake:

Classic modern wedding cake stands
Cake tasting session cake flavours on marble plate

These modern pedestal cake stands are a classic as they go with any cake and come in square or circular shapes to match with or contrast your cake’s shape. I spray paint them to colour match your cake design.

Geometric wire cake stands

These are great because you can decorate them the way you want by adding flowers, foliage and decorations inside and around them. I have a wedding cake order coming up where I will be decorating a geometric cake stand in mini fairy lights.


Modern bespoke wedding cake stands

I get my modern bespoke cake stands made to order for specific cake designs I am working on. Get in touch to find out more about these.

As part of my wedding cake service, I provide wedding cake stands what will perfectly compliment your wedding cake design. For more info on stands and my wedding cake service, get in touch. I could talk about modern cake stands all day long!