The Marble Cake Trend- Inside and Out

What’s a marble cake? There may be some confusion when you stick this term into a google search. Actually there are two definitions; One describes the inside of a cake and one, the outside…

Taster session cakes raspberry ripple marble cake

Here’s an example of my take on a marble cake- Raspberry ripple on the right

Five tier grey and green marble wedding cake with copper details

A recent example of a Malarkey Cakes marble wedding cake I created recently

Marble Madness

The madness for marble cakes continues. And I am guilty… I am hooked on creating marble cakes for a lot of my London weddings. The reason being a word I love. Experimentation! And I mean with my cake ingredients. Say no to the illegal things, kids!

Making a marble cake is so much fun because you absolutely never know how it will come out. And that’s another way of making your cake completely unique. One marble cake is never the same as another.

Whimsical marble wedding cake with fondant and buttercream effects and foliage

So how are marble wedding cakes made? Well, without giving too many secrets away, (those will be coming soon in my classes) food colour paste is half mixed through fondant icing and then rolled out. There is a fine line between mixing it too much and not enough, so that’s where the magic comes in!

You can mix in multiple colours as well and create something realistic looking with greys and black or mystical and watery looking in purples or greens, or blues

Geometric wafer paper and marble and pink wedding cake with gold and succulents and flowers
Marble and Metallics

Metallic finishes always look great with marble. I use metallic edible paints to follow the marble through the fondant to create a crystal or agate look.

My most popular marble cakes are the ones I combine with my modern geometric cake style. Hexagon cake tiers are also great to throw in and mix things up a bit with forms.

If you’d like to know more about the marble wedding cakes I make, there are some examples over on my insta feed and my wedding cake gallery.

And, if you’re getting married and want to push the boundaries with what can be done with wedding cake design, drop me an email. I’d love to hear your ideas!