How much will my wedding cake cost?

Sep 20, 2018

  How much will my wedding cake cost? It’s the question everyone really wants to know. Ok, lets talk about design, but ultimately you’ll probably want to know the answer, right? I get a lot of enquiries from people asking something like this:   What are your starting prices? I’d like to order a cake for 40 people. How much would that be?   Of course, for a first enquiry these are absolutely valid questions. My problem is I don’t know how to answer them…  
Deconstructed wedding cake with drip, marble and chocolate shards- How much will my wedding cake cost?
Bespoke Prices
All the cakes I make are completely bespoke. No two are the same and even if I wanted any two to be the same, they wouldn’t come out like that. When your looking for a bespoke wedding cake there are some key things that you need to consider which will affect the price; the number of guests you’ll be expecting is an obvious one. If you’re expecting 300 guests you’d probably be looking for a 5 tier cake minimum. If you’re having a smaller get together, then of course a one or two tier cake would be what you’d need.
Cake tasting session cake flavours on marble plate- How much will my wedding cake cost?
Size matters… But not always
My pricing works according to the number of tiers a cake has. There is more work in a cake that’s made up of two smaller tiers than one large tier. And these two could serve the same number of people. So, how many tiers should I have? Well, this depends on a couple of things. Do you want your cake to have some height? I always say to couples that this might be the one day in your lives when you can have a tiered cake. I would take the opportunity. You can always add in fake tiers, which will add in height without having lots of cake if you are just having a small party. But, don’t fake tiers cost much less? Not necessarily. If you’re having a simply iced cake then they can do. But if your cake is going to be intricately decorated, then you’re actually paying for the decoration, rather than the difference between real cake and fake cake. Plus, fake tiers are not cheap to buy in. I only charge my clients cost price for fake tiers but they’re definitely not free! What about having a fake cake and then cutting cakes for the kitchen? Well, this is a possibility. I hear about weddings in countries like Turkey where they actually dust off a fake cake which is kept at the venue for each wedding, a fake slice is taken out of the cake and real cake is put in, so as to make it look like the couple is cutting a real cake. That sounds like a lot of effort to me! Why not just have a real cake?! If you ask me to make a fake cake and bake a load of cakes to be cut in the kitchen, think about it… That’s actually MORE work! So, I’m afraid that would cost more. That’d why I don’t encourage fake cakes. And they make me a bit sad.
Five tier wedding cake with marble, green marble and copper- How much will my wedding cake cost?
But really. How much will my wedding cake cost?
I went off piste slightly there. But it all counts towards the same point. Let’s go back to one of those first questions: Ok, so I want a cake for 40 people. How much will that be? The cost will depend on the type of cake you’d like. If you go for a plain buttercream cake with not much detailed work, that will be one price. If you’d like a fully iced marble effect hexagon pillar cake with wafer paper flowers, a cake topper and chocolate shards, this will be a very different price. But both will serve 40 people. Ok, that makes sense now. So what are your starting prices? As you may have gathered by now, I don’t really have starting prices. Yes, I have prices on the website, but they’re not set. They’re on there to act as a guide only and are average prices. The cost is all in the detail and amount of time your design will take to realise. If you let me know what you’d like, and give me as much detail as possible, I’ll be able to give you a quote for your bespoke cake. And please get in touch if you have any questions. I love answering cake questions! K xx

About the writer and cake enthusiast…

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