Excuse the over-used, classic response of “How long is a piece of string” but that would genuinely have to be my counter question here. So, how much is a three tier wedding cake? Why isn’t it straight forward to give a cost to you?

Deconstructed three tier wedding cake with chocolate shards

Three tier cakes can come in all shapes and sizes. This one is a modern, deconstructed example.

Bespoke, Unique Wedding Cakes

All the cakes I make are completely bespoke. That means they will be designed and made completely from scratch with only an idea at the beginning. The cost of a cake is not simply the ingredients. And that’s where I believe many cake makers have their costing all wrong. As well as the making-a-cake-for-a-friend’ offer of ‘I’ll cover the cost of ingredients for you’. That’s why costing is fundamental to running a reputable cake business.


Costs are different for everyone

My prices involve the cost of my ingredients plus all my costs; gas, electricity, rent, transport, my design process, tasting session, my expertise, deliver and set up at your venue and my time. There are definitely some other things I have forgotten here!

On many a Facebook cake makers community this is a question that comes up to ask other cake makers “How much would you charge for a three tier wedding cake?” But if everyone has different costs, how can there be an industry standard expected.

How do we set the bar? Some set in on how much M&S charge for a three tier wedding cake. The reality is that if a home baker is charging this much or less, then there is no way they are making any where near minimum salary or any profit from the cake they’re making. How can one person making a cake compete with a factory production line? And more to the point, they simply can’t.

Banana leaf wafer paper wedding cake

This modern, wafer paper wedding cake has a lot more handmade details than a lot of three tier wedding cakes. It is an original design, so, as it was designed from scratch, has a higher cost than one recreated from an existing design.

Hobby baker vs business owner

Another thing to note is that if a hobby baker says they’ll make you a cake for £x then that’s one thing. Or a relative can make you a wedding cake for the cost of ingredients because she already has another full time job to support her and pay her bills, that’s also fair. But bear in mind that if you’re getting a quote from a cake business owner who bespoke designs cakes and will make a unique wedding cake for you, prepare to be charged more for their expertise as well as covering their costs and salary too.

But what is it ‘they’ say about wedding costs?

‘As soon as you say the ‘W’ word suppliers add on a few digits…’

A three tier birthday cake will be costed up by me, in exactly the same way as a three tier wedding cake, so you can forget the idea of me being greedy when it comes to the ‘W’ word. That’s not how I roll, and in the defence of most cake makers and wedding suppliers out there, that’s not how they roll either. Mini rant over!

So with all things considered here, there can’t be an industry standard. My cake style is completely different to another cake maker’s style. We might also live on different sides of the country, with different living costs. Other cake makers might just be enjoying their hobby, in which case they will charge less. It’s not a good idea to compare how much your cousin paid with how much you’ve been quoted as there are so many factors to consider.

If you’re looking for a unique, bespoke three tier wedding cake, get in touch. I’ll also need to know how many people you aim to serve, where it’ll need to be delivered to, as well as any specific features you’d like the cake to have. The costing for your cake will be bespoke too!


K xx