Chocolate Wedding Cake Decorations

Jun 11, 2018

I’ve been talking a lot recently about the possibilities there are with modern wedding cakes and their decorations. As I specialise in urban wedding cakes in London, a lot of couples want something non traditional and unusual to suit their venue and to ‘wow’ their guests.
Alternative modern wedding cakes
And why have the same cake as last weeks couple, right? Sugar is such a diverse medium these days. There are so many things you can do with ingredients that it seems insane to me to go with something similar to what you saw at your cousins wedding last month!
And I think that’s where chocolate comes in… Being a chocolate lover myself I say all this with bias, but ,I think the first great thing about chocolate decorations on a cake are that they taste incredible, of course! I use only the finest, responsibly sourced chocolate in both my decorating and baking.
Grey concrete cake with white shards and chocolate decorations
Choose something completely edible and delicious…
A lot of cake decorations are technically edible, although really you might not fancy them, as they will be solid, tooth snapping sugar. Chocolate of course, in my experience gets completely wolfed down as it’s a completely ‘edible’, edible decoration.
Gold chocolate shards on dark chocolate wedding cake
Colourful chocolate decorations
Since I did an amazing chocolate master class a couple of years ago at Squires Kitchen, I haven’t looked back. Working with the three types of chocolate; dark, milk and white is slightly different, and of course they suit different tastes. Chocolate can also be colored, which makes white chocolate the most useful, as well as dark chocolate being great for darker, more autumnal shades.
One tier chocolate galaxy cake with chocolate shards and chocolate balls in different colours
A work of art?
Chocolate is an unusual choice for a wedding cake centrepiece, but here that’s the whole point. You can go really arty with it and your cake could almost be a sculpture. Lots of London galleries are now taking wedding reception bookings!
Bottom tier of tall concrete wedding cake with white chocolate balloons on a geometric copper wedding cake stand
The other thing I really like about chocolate is the finish. It’s super shiny when tempered correctly, but also smells incredible and will actually make your guests mouths water.
Deconstructed three tier wedding cake in pink, grey and copper with chocolate marble shards, pink chocolate shards and copper shards
With a lot of the chocolate sculpture cakes I have made, people have been surprised with what you can do with chocolate. And you can also use chocolate to add texture to a ‘mixed media cake’. I mix fondant finished with royal icing, chocolate and cocoa butter to add texture to a cake.
Chocolate wedding cake decorations featured in three tier textured grey and white wedding cake with mixed media finish and white foliage
Modern, Urban wedding cakes
If you’re after metallic on your wedding cake, chocolate shards can be s super shiny bold statement addition to your cake decoration, or mix them with fresh or wafer paper flowers to get a super modern finish. Marble is still so trendy and different coloured chocolate can be part mixed together to create a marble finish too. So much inspiration for your modern or urban wedding cake!
Marble and copper chocolate shards on wooden board
Hope I have opened your eyes a little bit to the possibility of adding chocolate to your wedding cake design!

About the writer and cake enthusiast…

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