Wedding Cake design London

How does wedding cake design work? 


A stand-out, unique wedding cake that tells your love story requires so much more than a baker alone. An edible work of art that reflects who you both are requires a designer too. I use my experience in graphic design, and my love of modern art and architecture to create sophisticated yet playful wedding cakes that are as daring as they are delicious. 

Baking and decorating are just a small part of the process. Learn how much more there is to making a bepoke wedding cake by taking a look at the wedding cake process I follow to create your dream wedding cake below.

The Process


From inspiration and the ideas stage, all the way to the ceremonial wedding cake cutting and the first mouthful enjoyed, there is a process I have fine tuned over the years to ensure I deliver the best quality edible centrepieces that’ll play a part in making your wedding the most memorable your guests will have been to and a moment you’ll treasure for years to come…

Malarkey Cakes Modern wedding cake moodboard


The inspiration for your wedding cake could come from anywhere. I’ve made cakes inspired by the bride’s dress, the groom’s tie, the couple’s colourful London kitchen, the interior design of the venue and even a story book from when the couple were young. We’ll pool together your ideas whether they’re in the form of a Pinterest board, a mood board or a physical object.

Malarkey Cakes Modern wedding cake moodboard

Tasting & Ideas

Next is the seriously fun bit. It’ll be your chance to taste a selection of wedding cake flavours as well as an ooportunity for us to sut down and discuss the details of your wedding cake design, taking your ideas and inspiration into account. Once you have chosen the flavours you’d like. togo for and I have a rough idea in terms of the direction of the design we’ll move on to the next step.

Malarkey Cakes Modern wedding cake moodboard


Next we’ll start on the design stage of the process. I’ll design your cake with your ideas and inspiration in mind as well as thinking about the overall size of the cake you want and number of portions it will need to have. I’ll create a digital design sketch which I’ll tweak until all the details are as you want them and you’re completely happy.

Malarkey Cakes Modern wedding cake moodboard


Once we have signed off on your agreed design and you’re all booked in, I’ll get going on the preparation for your cake. Depending on the timeframe I have to prepare and make your wedding cake I will need to arrange to out things in place including ensuring I have all the correct tools, equipment and that a cake stand can be ordered if you have requested one. Then later on, arrangements for delivery and set up of your cake will need to be made as well as buying of all ingredients.

Malarkey Cakes Modern wedding cake moodboard


The first step in actually creating your wedding cake is baking it. I’ll bake your wedding cake in the flavours you have chosen and ensure it caters for the number of guests you’ll be expecting on the day.

Malarkey Cakes Modern wedding cake moodboard


Next it’s on to the decorating part. I firstly prepare all the cakes I have baked to make sure they are level for stacking and cover them in a layer of dark or white chocolate ganache. Once I have finished this off with sharp edges, then the fondant or decoration layers can go on and any final details can be applied to the cake.

Malarkey Cakes Modern wedding cake moodboard

Delivery & Set up

It’s your wedding day and so it’s time to deliver and set up your wedding cake. I’ll drive your cake to your venue and personally deliver it for you. Having coordinated with your venue or wedding planner beforehand, I’ll be able to set up your cake on the table or surface that’s prepared for it and style it in the way you have requested.

Malarkey Cakes Modern wedding cake moodboard


It’s finally time for you to enjoy your wedding cake. With pride of place in your wedding venue your wedding cake will create a talking point for your guests and later in the day a delicious treat to keep up your guests’ energy for pulling out those moves on the dance floor.

Fantastic to work with

Katie was fantastic to work with for our wedding. Her talent and professionalism is second to none. We always knew we didn’t want an ordinary wedding cake and came across Malarkey cakes on Instagram. From the moment we saw her designs we knew this was who we wanted to work with.

We booked in a cake tasting and the flavours didn’t disappoint. We sat with Katie to share ideas, colours and our preferences. She provided a few sketches which really brought together our thoughts from the consultation.

On the wedding day- the cake was one of the talking points, our guest loved the flavours and we were extremely pleased. Katie was very organised and contacted us prior to the wedding to finalise details for delivery and it all went smoothly.

We wouldn’t hesitate in the slightest to recommend Malarkey cakes! Ordinary wedding cakes are so 1999- if you want a cake that is a showstopper, unique and tasty -Malarkey Cakes is the way to go!


Out of this world!

Thank you so much for the cake, it was all we wanted and more!!!
Everyone was raving about it so you made a great impression. The flavours were so out of this world and couldn’t be happier about how it worked out.
What I’m ever more appreciative of is the service I got from you and how you were listened and captured my vision… it was so great to work with you and hope to work again with you in the future.

– Vigi & Jeremy

A true artist

Malarkey Cakes was the right choice. We could not be more elated with our wedding cake. It was absolutely beautiful and it met our Winter-Spring wedding theme. It was done with the beat choice of colours and foliage as Katie is truly an expert at it and a true artist. She is not only talented, but also a wonderful person to speak and design with. Truly her work is unmatched, but what more so is the taste and flavours of her cakes. We cannot recommend enough!


It’s more than just a cake

My Cake



My approach to designing and making wedding cakes is client focused, design-led and artistically adventurous…

Since 2014 I’ve helped dozens of couples realise their cake design dreams with my design-led approach to wedding cakes. My couples LOVE cake and they know what they want when they see it and when they eat it…

Their cake is given an important role to play in their day – it makes a style statement and forms a central part of their décor as well as a delicious treat for their guests. Far from being all about style over substance, my cakes taste as good as they look, incorporating a range of both scrumptiously nostalgic and fresh contemporary flavours.

Are you ready to make cake magic happen?


Cake Gallery

You’ve probably got a good idea for the style of cakes I make by now. There are plenty of cake projects I have worked on to showcase to you though. In fact too many to choose from! Take a look at a selection of cakes I have made over in the gallery.

Let’s chat all about cake


As you’ll probably be able to tell by now, I could talk about cake all day long. If you’ve got ideas about your dream cake and you want to work on making them a reality, get in touch and let’s talk them through.