Buttercream is the new royal icing

May 21, 2018

Move over traditional royal icing-clad fruit cakes… it’s all about the rustic buttercream cake installation now! Did you see the royal wedding cake? What was your reaction? If you’re a baker, be honest. It was probably one of surprise. I am not necessarily saying that in a negative way.
The Royal wedding cake by Claire Ptak for Megan and Harry's wedding
The build up to the wedding was massive. We all speculated about who would make the dress and how everything would be and also what the cost of the day would amount to. Not to sure on what to believe on the latter, but I’m sure with the cake, that no matter how modern a bride Meghan was, we were still expecting something tall and at least a touch of royal icing. Weren’t we? Claire Ptak, owner of Violet Bakery in Hackney was given the job as the royal baker this time round. I think it’s amazing that a small business owner was given the opportunity to be a part of the big day. As a non traditional wedding cake maker based in London myself I have already admitted how gutted I was not to have been given the job, but apparently Claire and Meg go way back! (Meghan interviewed Claire for her blog a few years ago). Both Californians, they of course already had common ground. That aside, I think Claire was chosen as the wedding cake maker for her simple and fuss-free baking style and amazing flavours.
The Royal wedding cake by Claire Ptak for Megan and Harry's wedding
See, I am a firm believer that your wedding should be what you want it to be. Apart from the need for the obvious pomp and ceremony that comes with a royal wedding, the couple were able to show their taste for modern things to the world through the stunning flowers, the dress, the food and the cake, and that amazing blue eco Jag they set off to the evening do in! I’d like to congratulate Claire Ptak and her team on getting the commission and making what the couple wanted. As a cake maker, that’s the most important thing to me. I want the couple to love their cake!
Social media and the cake world went into a sticky rustic buttercream meltdown as soon as the cake was revealed. I have to admit that my first reaction was one of complete surprise at the cake. The size, the style and the simplicity. Surely that can’t be it?! There were also quite rude exchanges on some social media posts that I think went a bit too far, but there was always going to be discussion, no matter what. I think the build up was what did it. I heard on the rumour mill that the cake would be costing £40,000! And I wanted to know how! I knew the cake would involve buttercream and fresh flowers and those two things are always something I suggest to brides on a tighter budget. But I think that was the point. The cake was a statement. And maybe the cost was in the Amalfi lemons or the elderflower from The Sandringham Estate or hiring a team of people to assist with the baking in the Buckingham Palace kitchens. We’ll probably never know the truth.
In the days leading up to the royal wedding, Claire Ptak revealed that there would be a non traditional cake installation. My first thought was, if I was to have a cake installation on this kind of budget I would have a cake room. A bit like the one at Think Tank Gallery by Break Bread in LA a couple of years back. And then, realistically thinking, I reckoned it would be a deconstructed number, rather than the traditional stacked wedding cake. I was right! Something I have been predicting is a trend for deconstructed wedding cakes, so I was bang on! I couldn’t believe it!
Deconstructed wedding cake with chocolate shards in grey, gold and pink

A Malarkey Cakes prediction and trendsetter for 2018- the modern deconstructed wedding cake

Modern geometric marble trio of wedding cakes

A Malarkey Cakes design- A modern, deconstructed wedding cake trio

  Well, whatever you thought of the cake, the dress, the day, the car, the flowers I think they looked happy. And that’s the point I think. I make cakes to make people happy. And your cake on your wedding day should make you happy 🙂 K

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