Low Sugar Cakes

Everyone is shouting about gluten free and vegan options… I have to say, I am a huge fan of vegan cakes. Well, the chocolatey ones anyway. In my experience a lot of vegan cakes contain coconut oil and super dark chocolate, which for me is a match made in heaven. I am...

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How Much is a Three Tier Wedding Cake?

Excuse the over-used, classic response of “How long is a piece of string” but that would genuinely have to be my counter question here. So, how much is a three tier wedding cake? Why isn’t it straight forward to give a cost to you? Three tier cakes can come in all...

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Wedding Cakes – a glossary of terms

Wedding Cake GlossaryDon’t know your sugar paste from your fondant or your layers from your tiers?Wedding cake terms can be confusing. If you’re about to plan your wedding cake or meet with your potential cake maker, get clued up on these terms to help you know what...

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The Stages of Making a Wedding Cake

Have you ever wondered about the stages of making a wedding cake? It’s a process. Like anything creative. There's a lot involved in making a wedding cake. Loads of things happen behind the scenes to make sure your cake is perfect on your big day. I get asked a lot of...

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The Ultimate Wedding Cake Checklist

Welcome to the Ultimate Wedding Cake Checklist... Whatever stage you’re at with planning your wedding, I’d recommend you start having a think about your wedding cake. As with every part of your wedding, there are lots of things to think about and questions to ask......

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Marble Wedding Cakes

What’s a marble cake? There may be some confusion when you stick this term into a google search. Actually there are two definitions;

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Architecture Cakes

What do I mean by architecture cakes? Is the mention of architecture and cakes together about stacking a tiered cake? Or is it about being inspired by everything around me in London and beyond?

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Bespoke Wedding Cakes

Wedding cakes follow certain trends as does everything. But shouldn’t you think about having a wedding cake that really reflects you as a couple? Are you trendy, modern, arty? Into design, architecture, travel? Getting married in a warehouse, pub or studio?

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Katie of Malarkey Wedding Cakes

Hi, I’m Katie.

I’m the cake designer and owner at Malarkey Cakes based in London. We specialise in creating truly unique modern wedding cakes inspired by architecture, travel, art and nature. Thanks for visiting my blog!

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