Modern Architecture Cakes in London

What do I mean by architecture cakes? Is the mention of architecture and cakes together about stacking a tiered cake? Or is it about being inspired by everything around me in London and beyond? Well, actually it’s a combo of the two. Stacking a cake uses basic architectural concepts. I don’t claim to be an architect by the way. Especially not technically! But I am obsessed with it…


Cake architecture inspiration

This building, with all it’s interesting shapes and layers as well as it’s imperfections, is a classic example of just what inspires me…

Cakes Influenced by Architecture

Architecture is one of my biggest influences for my work. You might be able to tell from my insta feed filled with inspiration from all over the place! Particularly modern architecture, concrete, metallic finishes, pinks and greens and interesting textures.

I also enjoy learning about the history of a building. London is such a fascinating city for me with its mix of ancient, Modern, Brutalist and everything in between. I like my cake style to reflect that, particularly the cakes I make for London weddings.

From my fascination for architecture and interiors, my style came about. Architecture cakes.


Cak Architecture inspiration The Hawa Mahal in Jaipur, India

The Hawa Mahal, Jaipur, India. I went to this incredible place a couple of years ago and was completely taken in by its details and colour.

My Cake and Architecture Journey

So a little bit more about me… I have had quite a lot of different jobs for someone my age. Age is just a number and it’s not important to me (I can’t stand the phrase “I’m too old for this”) I see this as a positive things rather than thinking that I never had the patience to stick with one thing. It just took me a while to find something that was right for me and in the meantime, I learned a lot, travelled a lot and changed a lot!

I loved art and design at school and wasn’t interested in anything else. I studied Graphic design at University, but when it came to the real world, sitting behind a computer screen all day long was never going to work for me.

After trying to work in an office for a while my itchy feet took me off travelling around the world for a lot of my twenties, teaching English and feeding my fascination for world food, different cultures and architecture.

I became a cake maker because, quite simply put, I love everything about cakes and I have done since I was a child. But another passion I have is for architecture and interiors. Technically, I am a novice, but aesthetically, I definitely have an eye. Architecture cakes are my way of expressing my creative side through my medium: Cake!

Concrete wedding cake with white chocolate ballots on a modern copper cake stand and example of cake architecture

An example of a cake inspired by modern Brutalist Architecture with concrete and metallic touches.

Totally Unique Modern Wedding cakes

And now, here I am in London, making modern wedding cakes for couples looking to do things their own way. I like to think my cakes are a marriage of all the things I have learned about the world, design, architecture, history, culture and of course, flavours.

I see there is a niche for cakes that are contemporary but also very different to what all the others are doing. I like to question the norms of design. Should the cake be round? Maybe it should be square? What if it was a totally different shape, or texture and not just what is trendy at the moment.

A lot of copying happens in the cake making world, and in the world in general. It’s too easy for a client to send me a picture of someone else’s cake and ask me to make it. I won’t copy. And it’s actually not as easy as it would seem; I don’t know how the other cake maker may have made the cake, what processes they have used and what type of icing they used to achieve that finish. And I don’t want to know their secrets. I want to create my own.

Geometric wedding cake inspired by modern architecture

A geometric architecture cake I set up at the Waldorf Hilton Hotel in Aldwych recently

Modern Wedding Cake Surroundings

I recently set up a wedding cake at the Waldorf Hilton in Aldwych. I’ll use this as a case study for cake architecture… Before I made the cake, I researched the history of the hotel, the building, refurbishments, interior décor style. My inner geek gets so much satisfaction from this! I think it’s equally important to make sure all the fine details will work. Will the cake compliment the flowers, the table arrangements, the stationery and the wall it’s set to be put in front of?

Will the cake need a stand and if so, what style will work with the design of the cake? If it’s a modern square cake inspired by the Barbican Centre, I wouldn’t recommend going for the classic round silver stand that your venue provides.

I also wouldn’t just display it on a plain white table cloth. You can add candles, flowers, decorations or anything to make it look less sterile.

There are so many things to think about for your wedding cake. The good thing is that if you get the right cake designer to create it for you, they’ll do all the work creating, researching and organising.

If you’d like to know more about my cake style the best place to go is over to my instagram feed where you can see my inspiration and my creations together

K x