About my award-winning wedding cake design

You really can

have your cake

and eat it


When the time is here for you to plan your wedding day, get someone on board who’ll share your vision, get excited about your ideas and help make your wedding day one they won’t forget in a hurry.

Here you’ll get all the info you need on my industry-leading wedding cake design experience, my cake design career so far, who I’m for, and, of course, my favorite cake flavours…

Forget what you

thought you knew

about wedding cakes…

A wedding cake really can be whatever you want it to be.

You want your wedding day to be all about making new traditions, celebrating you and telling your own story. No more searching high and low to find the right cake designer, or spending endless hours going down a Pinterest rabbit hole deciding what you want your cake to be like. Just tell me your ideas, let me design your cake from scratch for you, and when the day comes around watch how it ‘wows’ your guests.

It all

began with a

love story…


After just 4 months together, Daniel proposed while we were cycling across London Bridge. After nearly crashing at first, it made the world of sense to me to go for it… So, I said yes….

Having already started my cake obsession back in nineteen-eighty-something with hours spend gazing at the pages of my Mum’s cake decorating books and baking and icing my Great Granny’s wartime recipe chocolate cake for every birthday, that’s when I decided that I would make our wedding cake. With a trusty Kenwood mixer, plenty of wedding cake training, a design degree and a career travelling the world later, and that’s how this cake love story began.

Every part of the cake design process is as important as realising the final cake on a wedding day. I’ve redefined what it means to have a wedding cake, shunning traditions and breaking the cake rules since 2014. Since then, I’ve had the privilege of combining my love of design, travel and cake into my work and telling hundreds of couple’s stories through the magical medium of cake.

How do I like my

eggs? In a cake,

of course…


…but I also love nothing more than a slow breakfast at the weekend and that involves anything to do with eggs. Shakshuka, scrambled eggs, Turkish Menamen, Eggs Benedict. Serious indecision…

I’ve been to over 50 countries and spent my 20s as a bit of a nomad. TEACHING in  CAMBODIA and VIETNAM, TREKKING in PERU and BOLIVIA and BULLET TRAINING and FOOD TOURING around JAPAN to name just a few amazing places.

I’m obsessed with DESSERTS… PANNACOTTA, TIRAMISU, anything involving CHOCOLATE and CUSTARD. And CHOCOLATE CAKE is the one that gets me. Every time.


Wherever I travel to, I always seem to opt in for trekking up a VOLCANO or mountain in the dark to see the SUNRISE… It’s nearly always worth it though.

I’m a LONDONER- This city is my adoptive home and has been my inspiration for the last 15 years. When I’m not designing and making wedding cakes, I love taking in everything this city has to offer. From GALLERIES to LONG BIKE RIDES and WANDERS in the streets of some of my favourite places; SOHO and the deserted CITY OF LONDON at weekends.

But this isn’t all about me. Now it’s your turn…

A cake as unique as you are…

Make a statement

With a truly bespoke, design-led wedding cake, you’ll be sure to make your wedding one for your guests to remember. I’m not just a baker or cake decorator. I’m also a designer with a process and all the cakes commissioned to me are inspired by art and by the couples that I serve. Every cake is as unique as you are which is why I will never copy another cake maker’s work or style. I create digital design sketches as part of my process to help you visualise how you cake will look on the day.

Make the most of it

Cakes are made for eating after all. I’ll help you come up with ways to ensure you make a moment for your cake on the day. If a ceremonial cutting is your bag or not, it’s also so important to consider when your cake will be eaten. I help my couples plan their cake into their day whether that means serving it as a dessert or fitting in time to enjoy it with cocktails. I’ll help you make the most of the cake’s set up you get the most out of your cake on full display for as long as possible.

Remember it forever

Investing in a wedding cake should mean you’re getting so much more than just a cake. Your cake can play a role in making your wedding day unique and special for the two of you as well as your guests. The couples I have been lucky enough to work with have told me their guests were all raving about their cake, both the look and how unique it was and the proof then in the eating, of course. I believe that if you’re in the pro wedding cake camp, then making it unique and memorable is the only way to go.

Fantastic to work with

Katie was fantastic to work with for our wedding. Her talent and professionalism is second to none. We always knew we didn’t want an ordinary wedding cake and came across Malarkey cakes on Instagram. From the moment we saw her designs we knew this was who we wanted to work with.

We booked in a cake tasting and the flavours didn’t disappoint. We sat with Katie to share ideas, colours and our preferences. She provided a few sketches which really brought together our thoughts from the consultation.

On the wedding day- the cake was one of the talking points, our guest loved the flavours and we were extremely pleased. Katie was very organised and contacted us prior to the wedding to finalise details for delivery and it all went smoothly.

We wouldn’t hesitate in the slightest to recommend Malarkey cakes! Ordinary wedding cakes are so 1999- if you want a cake that is a showstopper, unique and tasty -Malarkey Cakes is the way to go!


Out of this world!

Thank you so much for the cake, it was all we wanted and more!!!
Everyone was raving about it so you made a great impression. The flavours were so out of this world and couldn’t be happier about how it worked out.
What I’m ever more appreciative of is the service I got from you and how you were listened and captured my vision… it was so great to work with you and hope to work again with you in the future.

– Vigi & Jeremy

A true artist

Malarkey Cakes was the right choice. We could not be more elated with our wedding cake. It was absolutely beautiful and it met our Winter-Spring wedding theme. It was done with the beat choice of colours and foliage as Katie is truly an expert at it and a true artist. She is not only talented, but also a wonderful person to speak and design with. Truly her work is unmatched, but what more so is the taste and flavours of her cakes. We cannot recommend enough!


It’s more than just a cake

My Cake



My approach to designing and making wedding cakes is client focused, design-led and artistically adventurous…

Since 2014 I’ve helped dozens of couples realise their cake design dreams with my design-led approach to wedding cakes. My couples LOVE cake and they know what they want when they see it and when they eat it…

Their cake is given an important role to play in their day – it makes a style statement and forms a central part of their décor as well as a delicious treat for their guests. Far from being all about style over substance, my cakes taste as good as they look, incorporating a range of both scrumptiously nostalgic and fresh contemporary flavours.

Are you ready to make cake magic happen?

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I could talk about cake

all day long…


… but we’ll leave that for our cake tasting session. This isn’t all about me and what I have to say about cake. It’s time for me to listen and learn all about your love story, your ideas and inspiration for your big day, your plans and how you want to bring them to life to create the best day ever. I want to help you do that by bringing your cake dreams to life.