Can you believe that a piece of Malarkey wedding cake made it all the way to this beautiful place?!


I just love it when I receive amazing feedback from my couples, but this was exceptional! Verity and Will’s wedding cake was inspired by a Poppy Pickering beauty. They wanted something classic with a modern twist featuring marble, rose gold and grey; a colour palette still super popular (I love it for interiors!)


Their venue was the beautiful Fulham Palace. A hidden gem I had never heard about before doing my research for this wedding. It’s surrounded by beautiful parks and is a Grade I listed building with Tudor origins, with its oldest parts dating back to the 11th century.

Marble, copper and grey modern wedding cake with pink sugar flowers

The cake was all set up in the marquee at Fulham Palace, on a lovely warm day back in June to accompany guests for their wedding breakfast.

This is what Verity and Will had to say about their cake:

“We wanted to say a huge thank you for our delicious wedding cake. It was so beautiful and tasted incredible! In the end we had it brought out into the courtyard and it was so gorgeous and perfect, gleaming in the sunshine under our flower arch. We cut it whilst having our cocktails and with a saxophone in the background. Just idyllic. “

Simply idyllic… and it gets better…

“You will be pleased to know that every last morsel was devoured – most eaten on the day but we then had a pub afternoon on the Sunday and I nipped home and sliced up the remainder and gave everyone a slice or two to take home! We then had one piece on the plane and a final piece in our safari camp in the Ngorongoro crater!”

Verity and Will's slice of wedding cake on the plane to Tanzania

That bit of wedding cake that Verity and Will enjoyed on the plane to Tanzania

Raspberry ripple wedding cake that made it all the way to the Ngorongoro Crater in Tanzania

That last piece of Malarkey recipe raspberry ripple wedding cake that Verity and Will enjoyed on their safari. It made it all the way to the Ngorongoro Crater in Tanzania!


Seriously well-travelled wedding cake! And…


“Everybody commented on it and said each of the flavours were delicious! I even had someone put some of the lemon and blueberry cake into my mouth on the dance floor at the end of the night. Good times! Thank you again for making our day!”


So as a cake obsessive and a travel junkie, you can imagine how excited I was to hear that a slice of the wedding cake I created, made it all the way to Tanzania! Cake travels really well, so why not take it on your honeymoon?!

I’m just in love with this story and want to thank Verity and Will so much for their kind words and for sharing their wedding cake adventure love story.

Big love, K xx