9 Wedding Cake Myths, Demystified

Jun 15, 2018

My wedding cake clients ask me a lot of questions. And good… it’s my job to answer them. But there are some things people assume because someone else told them that’s the way it is. Have a read of these 9 (because I don’t like round numbers) to save you some time when booking your cake:
You have to have a fruitcake for tradition’s sake
Are we really still asking this question? The majority of couples go with sponge cakes these days. But there are a few who will still insist on having at least a tier devoted to their Mum or Gran’s obligations. You don’t have to do anything! It’s your wedding! And anyway, fruitcake is a seriously divisive topic!
You must have fruitcake as the bottom tier because it’s the heaviest
Fruitcake is heavier than sponge cake- true. But if your wedding cake maker knows how to correctly stack a cake, there will be no collapsing, as the internal structure of the cake will do it’s work no matter what cake is on the top.
The top tier of this baby was all fruit cake. Inside that gold pineapple. Yep, that’s real cake! At the top!
Wedding cakes might collapse when transported
Wedding cakes aren’t a joy to transport. I prefer to deliver cakes as individual tiers and then stack at venue where possible. When this isn’t possible, again correctly stacked cakes won’t just collapse. For some reason, this never makes it less worrying on the day of delivery. I suppose it’s the worry of not being able to see that cake in the back of the car when you go over that pothole that gets me! London wedding cakes have an extra catch when it comes to delivery- Parking isn’t fun or cheap and neither are parking tickets!
It’s cheaper to make your cake yourself
For the numbers in your bank account, maybe. But let me tell you a story. I got into wedding cake making by deciding to make my own. I don’t regret it. But I wanted to do it properly. So I took classes at Squires Kitchen (amazing cake and patisserie school!) invested in equipment, practiced at home, made complete disasters and learned the hard way. The fact is that when all your relatives have arrived from who knows where to spend some time with you and you just feel like enjoying a glass of prosecco, you will be in the kitchen finishing your cake and worrying about transporting it to your venue. If  you pay for a cake and you give that responsibility to your cake maker, that’s one less thing to worry about on the big day, no? Plus, that way you can steer clear of any cake fails!
An EPIC cake fail…
Wedding cake is more expensive than birthday cake
Faux. I calculate my costs by first taking how much I need to live, my ingredients, my time and my worth. If I make a three tier birthday cake or a three tier wedding cake with the same details and delivery and set up, the cost will be exactly the same, regardless of the occasion.
Copper drip semi naked birthday cake on pink background with grey happy birthday topper
Yes, this guy would cost the same as a wedding cake or a birthday cake…
Fake tiers and a cutting cake in the kitchen is cheaper
There is this myth that polystyrene tiers will work our cheaper than real cake. Wrong! Most of the cost of a cake is in the details involved in decorating that cake. If you have an intricately decorated fake tier and compare it to a plain real cake tier, the fake one will cost more as it takes the time to make. Also, many couples believe if they go for a completely fake cake with cutting cakes behind the scenes in the kitchen, this will also save them money. Wrong again. If you think about it, this is almost double the work. Your cake maker will have to buy fake tiers on tip of decorating and baking. All of this actually adds to the cost!
Your cake needs to be kept in the fridge
What country do you live in? Most of the time, let’s be honest, the UK isn’t the warmest. Cakes with fondant icing never need to go in the fridge, for the record. And actually, some decorations can be ruined by the fridge. A buttercream cake will need to be put in the fridge while your cake maker is making it and if it is a particularly hot day, it’s best kept in the fridge until transporting where possible, but cakes don’t melt generally. The only thing to think about is not to leave a cake in direct sunlight or a particularly warm spot for a long day.
Three tier semi naked wedding cake with chocolate drip and fruit
This cake stayed firmly away from the fridge… in August!
You have to cut the cake just after your speeches
You don’t have to do anything! It’s your wedding! How full are you during the speeches usually? I remember the last wedding I went to, having to excuse myself and go to the loo because I Had stuffed my face so much I couldn’t keep my eyes open. So maybe it’s an idea to push that cake cutting back a bit, until everyone has come back to life after lunch. And it’s something to save for those evening guests too. Plus a great thing to serve to people once they’ve had a few drinks. What about an evening cake and cocktail hour?
Dessert towers are cheaper than a stacked cake
Stop right there! I’m afraid not. It depends on the amount of detail involved again. Some small desserts involve a lot more detail work than bigger cakes and can end up costing loads more!
You have to use the cake stand your venue provides
Again, there are no rules- do what you want! A lot of venues offer a very traditional cake stand and knife. If you’ve chosen a super modern design for your wedding cake, this just wont work. It’s with asking your cake maker if they offer a stand that will compliment you cake as a part of their service.
Marble geometric and copper wedding cake trio with copper stands
These cake stands are super modern and fit this cake trio perfectly- and they were hand made, by me!
So, those myths- debunked! If you have any more questions about wedding cakes, just ask. I make modern wedding cakes in London and would be happy to answer your questions. Happy cake planning! K x

About the writer and cake enthusiast…

Hi! I’m Katie and I have been fully cake obsessed since, forever…

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