9 Things to do on your would-have-been wedding day

Aug 17, 2020

It’s such a shame that so many have had to postpone their weddings planned for 2020. You might well have to spend your would-have-been wedding day at home, just the two of you which is sure to be odd. Here are some fun ideas for things to do when you’re at a loose end on that day…

Bake your own wedding cake

I know I always bang on about all the reasons why you shouldn’t make your own wedding cake. But this really is an exception. As long as you can find the flour, eggs and sugar, then why not bake your own mini wedding cake together. It’s a fun activity you can both be part of and if you aren’t usually bakers, you can learn something new.

I still recommend leaving the real thing to a professional though. You can find out more about why in this blog post ‘5 reasons why you shouldn’t make your own wedding cake (or get Auntie Sue to make it either)

Bake a cake- ingredients

Why not have a go at baking a mini wedding cake for your would-have-been wedding day? Photo by Sophie Lake Photography

Have a Zoom wedding

It’s not the same, but why not bring everyone that should have been there together on Zoom and raise a glass, have a dance and even some sneak peeks for what’s to come on your real big day. This will get your guests excited for what’s to come!

Cocktail making

Order in all the ingredients you’ll need to start experimenting to come up with your very own signature cocktail for your wedding day. You could then serve this cocktail creation to your guests on your real wedding day along with a slice of wedding cake at cocktail hour.

Get a doorstep portrait taken

 Lots of super-talented photographers who would usually be shooting weddings have found themselves at a bit of a loose end lately. What better way to utilise their skills than having a socially distanced doorstep or balcony portrait taken? Sophie Lake Photography is offering free portraits in East and North London. You could get dressed up for the occasion or keep it real in your lockdown attire.

Lockdown Balcony portrait

A lockdown balcony portrait by Sophie Lake Photography

Have a floor picnic

If you’re lucky enough to have a garden you can do this outside, but if not, there is nothing wrong with a good old floor picnic. If you’re on a budget then get yourself down to the supermarket and stock up. If you’re happy to splurge you could order in a grazing box or two from Berry and Brie or even get yourselves catered for by Sainlo Events who cater for weddings and events and are offering home delivery during lockdown.

Create a wedding playlist

Get the tunes going to set the mood. In the absence of your DJ or band, put together a playlist of tunes you both love to keep things happy.

Write your own lockdown vows

Time are tough during lockdown. Everyone is going through it all with their very own set of circumstances. But if you can get through this you can get through anything, right? Put together your very own personal set of lockdown vows just for fun and even hold your own mini ceremony (with your cocktails to hand, of course!)

Know that your real wedding day (when it comes) will be better than ever!

Yes, it really is tough that your wedding day couldn’t go ahead as planned. You’ve put so much work and thought into it and it may also have cost you a lot. But the important thing is that you are together and those around you (even if they’re far away right now) are happy and healthy and that we are all safe. Your wedding day, when it does finally go ahead, will be even more epic than originally planned!

Katie x

About the writer and cake enthusiast…

Hi! I’m Katie and I have been fully cake obsessed since, forever…

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