5 Quick modern wedding cake tips for couples

May 13, 2020

Wedding planning is time consuming. And even with the additional time you might find you have on your hands in this current situation with Covid-19, it can also feel like there is a minefield of information out there.

That’s why I have put together these 5 quick modern wedding cake tips for couples, based on questions others have asked and things you shouldn’t miss when ordering a modern and alternative wedding cake.

Choose the right cake maker

As you’ll probably be aware, wedding cakes come in an array of shapes and sizes, but they also come in so many different styles. One cake maker might not be a master at creating cakes in all the styles out there, and they probably shouldn’t be. The chances are they will specialise in one particular style or cake decoration type. Before you enquire with them, check out their portfolio on their website or Instagram to see what kind of cake they specialise in. If they create mainly roughly iced cakes with fresh flowers, then they probably won’t be the best place to go for a towering modern cake with abstract decorations or visa versa.

Pick the flavours that work for you

There are so many cake flavours to choose from for your wedding cake, it can be overwhelming! Keep it simple if you can by offering your guests the choice of a maximum of 3 flavours, or keep the small top tier containing a third flavour just for yourselves or your after party the following day. It will be impossible to please everyone with a lot of the aspects of your wedding day, including your choices of wedding cake flavours so choose the ones you both like and your guests I’m sure will dig in and be happy anyway!

Go for a design that works with your venue

When you’re choosing your wedding cake design, it’s so important to think about how your cake will look in your venue. If you go with something quite rustic, it’ll for in perfectly with a barn or tipi wedding for example, but maybe not so well with a grander venue. Your cake maker should help guide you when it comes to what will work best with your venue in terms of design and sizing of your wedding cake. 

Set a time for cake cutting and serving

I don’t know about you, but I can’t stand the idea of wasted cake. Your cake maker certainly won’t want you spending out on a showstopper that isn’t going to get eaten. That’s what it’s for after all. To make sure your wedding cake gets cut up and eaten, make sure you set aside a special moment, not only for the cutting of your cake by you, but also for the cake to be served to your guests. This could come in the form of cake and cocktail time; serve your cake with a signature cocktail created by you. You could even skip the dessert part of your meal and serve your cake as the dessert instead.

Size matters

How big should your wedding cake be? Well, actually there are no rules here. It simply depends on how much cake you want to be available for your guests to have, when you’ll be cutting the cake, but also how much you wean to spend on the cake and whether it’s actually a priority for you to have a big cake. But, hey! I’m a cake maker, so I should be encouraging you to have a big cake right? And the cake should serve the number of guests you’re having?! Well, technically, yes but if you’re having a huge banquet plus the wedding cake then chances are your guests will be stuffed and not want any cake, so a smaller cake would work better. On the other hand you might have only 50 guests but want a huge cake to impress your guests, in which case fake tiers can come in. The point here really, is that you can choose! It’s your day and there really are no rules. Your cake maker can advise when it comes to what size cake serves X number of guests, but they should also be able to help when it comes to sizing and realistic number of portions that could be left over.

So, there you have 5 quick wedding cake tips for couples… Above all, I’d try to remember my biggest piece of advice which is that this is your day and if you try to please everyone you’ll end up being stressed beyond belief! Make your wedding cake yours and a reflection of you both, just like every other part of your day and your guests will see how happy you are.

Let me know if I can help with planning your dream modern wedding cake.

K x

About the writer and cake enthusiast…

Hi! I’m Katie and I have been fully cake obsessed since, forever…

Malarkey Cakes is built on a mixture of all my passions. My work is inspired by my background in art and design and I’m honoured to make wedding cakes for couples in love in London and the South East.

I’m passionate about blogging to share my knowledge and give guidance on the ins and out of ordering a wedding cake, making the most of it and making sure it gets the attention it deserves. I also share my tips on wedding planning and team up with fellow suppliers I am lucky enough to work with and who I highly recommend.

When I’m not designing, making or eating cake, you’ll find me trying out new food in London’s amazing restaurants, drinking great coffee, taking in stunning architecture, on long walks, smashing a decent weights workout or exploring the world.

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