14 tips to make your wedding stand out from the crowd

Jul 11, 2022

Hire an alternative venue

Laws have relaxed so much since I got married 6 years ago. A lot more places have opened their doors to legal wedding ceremonies and in cities like London you really have the pick of some amazing fun venues. Pick somewhere that hasn’t been used for a wedding before and really make it yours. Have a look at Perfectly Planned 4 you’s Hackney’s Top 10 Wedding Venues for ideas.

Have a colouring or drawing corner

Inject a bit of big kid fun to your wedding. A great idea is to have a photo of the happy couple made into an outline drawing and have people colour you in and leave messages for you. These can then be made into a book and kept as a hilarious memento. 

Give a useful wedding favour

Working with a lot of wedding planners gives me a great insight into behind the scenes at weddings. One thing planners mention is the number of favours that end up getting thrown away which is heartbreaking. Make sure you go for useful favours that your guests will want to use or something personal to them that they’ll treasure and keep hold of.

Have a unique wedding cake 

Why have a wedding cake just like everyone else’s, when you could have something completely bespoke and unique for your wedding? Gone are the days or flowery, traditional wedding cakes. Opt for a cool, design lead wedding cake that no one has ever seen before which has flavours that are a real talking point.

Get a cool mobile bar

Want someone to really create that signature cocktail for you with some punch? Get a mobile bar that can come to you at your venue and mix up a storm. For the coolest mobile bar around get Hayley at Lucky Pineapple with her incredible oversized pineapple bar. I know from personal experience that her cocktails are top notch!

Skip the seating plan

Fancy missing out on all the politics behind creating a table plan? Don’t have one. Instead of planning it all out, you could have relaxed seating with sharing platters and bowl food and canapes being brought round to your guests. Talking from personal experience here, my guests had the best time at our wedding and all really mingled and got to know each other.

Choose a venue with a late license

Why stop the party? A lot of inner city venues have a late license meaning you can carry on until the small hours or you could organise an after party for those who want to keep it going. Surprise your guests by organising a whole new space or room to dance the night away. Take a look at Coco Wedding Venue’s Late License Wedding Venues in London.

Hire a fun wedding photographer

Your wedding photos will be your lasting memory of the day, so choose a photographer to really capture the day and reflect all the fun going on as well as who you are as a couple.

If you’re looking for someone relaxed, creative and excitable to get on board with all your crazy ideas and capture your wedding day Sophie Lake Photography comes highly recommended.

Have a cake and cocktail moment

If your wedding cake is an important part of your big day, then make sure you make a moment to enjoy eating it as well as seeing it and cutting it ceremonially. A cake and cocktail or cake and prosecco moment will certainly help to keep your guests happy before all the mad dancing begins and will also make sure that your cake is eaten and not wasted. Because we wouldn’t want wasted cake, would we?! 

Make your own traditions

Kick out those outdated traditions and make some of your own. Your wedding is yours and only yours. If you try to please all of your guests, you’ll end up pleasing none of them. If they can see you’re having a ball, they’ll surely be happy for you and enjoy it all the more. Mix it up and keep it fun so it’ll really stand out all your guest’s memories.

Get a live wedding illustrator

A live illustrator can add a whole new level of fun to your wedding. Alongside your wedding photographer and videographer capturing your day, this can also now be done in ink. For more info head over to Katie Chappell Live Illustration.

Customise your wine

How fun that you can now customise your wine bottles for your big day. Choose a wine that means a lot to you and design your own label and have it printed. You can tell your story on there, add your favourite song lyrics, cover it in your favourite photos, or how about a map of the places you’ve been?

Have a balloon installation

Balloons are making a huge comeback and are huge right now in the wedding industry. And when you see an installation by Ballonista, you’ll see why. Balloon installations can transform a space, can be made into arches, backdrops and fun table decorations.

Go with non-traditional florals

I’m personally in love with some of the floral installations happening at the moment. Floral arrangements have changed dramatically in recent years. There has never been a more exciting time than now in floristry. Go non-traditional and add in colourful dried flowers, pampas grass and go for that really wild look. Take a look at modern floral designers like Fluoress.

Chances are this is the biggest event you have ever planned. Make sure it’s one that will stick in people’s minds for years to come.

If you want your wedding to really stand out from the crowd, then having a unique wedding cake is simply a must! I work with couples and clients in London and beyond looking to create some edible magic. If that sounds like you, contact me today and we can arrange a time to chat about your bespoke wedding cake plans.  

K x

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