10 Modern Wedding Cake Tips for Couples

Feb 19, 2020

As a wedding cake designer, I see lots of trends appear and disappear from one year to the next. But I’m not much of a follower of trends and to really get a unique, modern wedding cake I think it’s best to go against the grain, take inspiration from trends and make them your own combining them with inspiration from elsewhere. Because who wants the same wedding cake as everyone else this year?! Here are my 10 modern wedding cake tips for couples. Make sure your guests have never been to a wedding like yours, starting with the cake.


Break the mould with shapes.

Who said all wedding cakes have to be round, square or otherwise? Going for a super modern look by mixing tier shapes together means your cake design will be more interesting to look at and stand out against those that stick to just one shape. Opt for hexagonal, triangular or even spherical cakes to give a dramatic, modern geometric look. 


Modern and alternative decorations

Out with the flowers and in with, well, anything else! You’re lucky to be getting married in an era when it’s possible to make just about anything out of cake, chocolate or sugar paste. Choosing sharp, shiny and stylish chocolate decorations or the crisp finish of wafer paper decorations means your wedding cake will have the modern edge over all those other flowery numbers.


Bespoke, modern wedding cake set up

Say goodbye to wedding cakes set up in a corner in front of ugly fire exits and on wobbly tables (but in all seriousness, make sure this isn’t going to be the case on your big day!) Bespoke tables to perfectly complement your cake, handmade or printed backdrops and floral installations are a super modern way to present your wedding cake to your guests and wow them at the same time. Incorporate the cake with the overall styling of your day or repurpose photo backdrops for cake backdrops to make sure your wedding cake cutting photos don’t need hours of editing by your photographer.

Modern Wedding cake Stands

And while we are on the subject of wedding cake set up, although very large cakes might not need a cake stand, the ones that venues provide as part of your wedding package, just don’t go with edgy, modern wedding cakes. I’m talking about the large classic silver ones, which have their place with more traditional wedding cakes, but leave the modern ones looking a bit out of place. In the past, I have even been asked to set up a cake on a broken cake stand provided by a venue. Instead, to complete the modern wedding cake look, go for a modern wedding cake stand that perfectly fits with the size and style of your modern wedding cake design.

Inspiration comes from everywhere

While it’s common for couples to have a theme for their wedding, it’s sometime nice for the wedding cake to be a stand-alone piece in its own right. Bridesmaid dresses, flowers, stationery and wedding dress lace are all great places to take inspiration from for your wedding cake. But they’ve all been done. What if your wedding cake was inspired by your super modern kitchen, the building it’s going to be displayed in or the place you got engaged? Take inspiration from those less likely places and you’ll end up with a modern cake design like no other.


Tall tiers

Tall cake tiers are still all the rage. If you’re having a wedding cake, why not make it a tall one?! Double height tiers also give double the amount of cake portions (obviously) but you have the height there instead of the width. Tall tiers in varying heights also add to that modern edgy look, helping a cake to serve few people to be seen as a showstopper in any large room.


I still hear from potential couples that the cake flavours I offer are so much more interesting than some. Why would you want to go to another wedding and have just another dry Victoria sponge? Punchy flavours are a conversation starter at the table and giving more than one flavour option means keeping your guests happy with a choice. Some will have just one, while some might try all three (that’ll be me). I have been told that some of the flavours I offer remind people of their childhood. Flavours like Neapolitan (like the ice cream, sticky toffee pudding and raspberry ripple, just make things more exciting, different to the norm and are in keeping with the modern design of your wedding cake.


Cake Cutting

Yes, this is a tradition symbolising the first act done together and how ‘modern’ is this? But a lot of couples still want a cake cutting photo. This is also a moment for all your guests to admire the cake in what can otherwise be a chaotic day. Instead of the traditional cake cutting after dinner though, why not shirt this back to a later time when evening guests can feel part of something ceremonial, and also when your guests are not still absolutely stuffed after a three course meal. My top tip here is to make a moment for actually serving your cake as part of your evening celebrations. Wasted cake is a tragedy and so many cakes are cut up and then left hidden in a corner. Make sure as a couple that you get some cake too. Ask a relative, bridesmaid or best man to bag you a piece before it’s all gone.

A work of art

Your wedding cake really can be a work of art. Weddings are becoming more and more about individuality, so you can express who you are as couple through your cake. Making your wedding cake part of your experiential wedding day is a way to ensure your wedding guests won’t forget your big day in a hurry and it won’t blend in to all the others they’ll be attending this year.


Choose a Wedding Cake Designer

There are wedding cake makers, and there are wedding cake designers. A wedding cake maker might specialise in baking, they might make great cakes, but might not focus on the design side of a wedding cake. A wedding cake designer will take inspiration from places other than other people’s wedding cakes and will pull together ideas to create something truly original, bespoke and will take you through a design process to provide sketches of how your wedding cake will look. If you’re looking for something original and modern, I’d recommend opting for a cake designer.

You can read more on the difference between a wedding cake maker and a wedding cake designer in this blog post.

I hope you enjoyed reading my 10 modern wedding cake tips for couples. What modern wedding cake tip will you be bearing in mind for your big day? Let me know in the comments. And if you’d like to know more about modern wedding cake design, get in touch.

K x

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